Wherever you are in West Michigan,
you’re never more than 15 minutes
from an EcoTrek Fitness workout.

These are group sessions, all outdoors, in all kinds of weather, in a different outdoor location every time! (It never gets boring!)

The sessions integrate strength training, cardio & flexibility all in one 75-minute workout - and every session is different. There’s really nothing better than using your outdoor environment as your GYM... while exploring the parks and trails near where you live, you’ll be guided along on an invigorating workout... and you won’t even have to think about what to do! You’ll discover some places you never knew existed, and rediscover the obvious parks and playgrounds that you might not have paid much attention to prior to discovering EcoTrek. Each individual works at their own level, so you’re never involved in a competition or feel intimidated. You are encouraged to challenge yourself while following the leader's cues... you can choose to remain quiet in your own meditation, or “get chatty” and make new friends in the group if you desire.

While we have EcoTrekkers who only come in the warmer months, most people attend EcoTrek sessions year ‘round, and comment that they enjoy the seasons so much more since becoming an EcoTrekker. You’re no longer looking outside, you’re actually out there ENJOYING the outside.

  • Year-round Outdoor Group Workouts
   Cari Draft EcoTrek Owner/Founder